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Why Does My Heater Stink When I First Turn it On?

Phew! It’s the first chilly evening of the fall and you bump on that heat pump or gas furnace. Yes, you got the warmth you were after, but you also got a nose full of yucky smell. What’s up with that, anyway?

Actually, the answer is surprisingly simple. The heat exchanger and resistance coils have picked up some dust over the months of inactivity. The bad smell is simply that dust burning off. Usually, this smell goes away after the first use or two.

This smell is completely harmless, save for a little unpleasantness. Many people choose to light incense or scented candles to manage the odor. If the smell lingers, however, there could be another problem. If you’ve used your heater two or three days and it still smells bad, contact your Birmingham heating and air conditioning repair professional to get it checked out.

Can This Bad Smell Have A Benefit? 

But, this odor can serve as a little reminder. When you turn on your unit and begin to smell that awful smell, it’s time to schedule your regular Birmingham heater maintenance. Well maintained furnaces and heaters last longer, cost their owners less money for repairs and use less power or fuel than heat pumps and furnaces that haven’t been maintained.

In fact, it is estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that well maintained heat pumps and furnaces use 5-15% less energy than those that haven’t been regularly maintained. This efficiency shows up every month on your electric bill or natural gas bill.

So, when you turn on your heater and smell that awful odor, remember to call your Birmingham heating and air conditioning specialist for an annual maintenance and check. He’ll clean the parts, inspect the unit, add any fluids if necessary and make sure the electrical connections are sound.

Then, just put up with a day or two of the bad smell and rest assured that your heater is ready for the winter ahead. If you’re ready to schedule your Birmingham heat & air maintenance, call Premier Air, LLC.

We can maintain or service your heat pump or furnace at a very reasonable cost and perform any necessary repair work for you. We honor all warranties! Call 205-960-7973 or email today!

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